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A few words about me…

After the high school graduation in 1900 in Kaiserslautern, I did my basic military service and then went to the Switzerland and France to work as GO in the club Mediterranée for half year. A positive side effect here was the improvement of my foreign languages, English and French.


In the autumn of 1992 I began a vocational training of state examined assistants for hotel, catering and tourist industry in „Höheren Berufsfachschule für das Hotel-, Gaststätten- und Fremdenverkehrsgewerbe“ in Saarbrücken, which I completed in July 1995. Subjects of this training are, among other things, English and French, management, law, tourism, IT and practical work in the kitchen and service. This training gave me the chances to do several different types of internships in hotels and travel agencies. Especially interesting were the two half-year internships at the Carlton Intercontinental Cannes in France as well as in the Periquito Hotel Tunbridge Wells in England, where I learned the way of working in the 5-star hotel industry.


From November 1995, I worked in the regional sales office of the “The Rafael Group Hoteliers” in Frankfurt as a sales coordinator, later as a sales executive.


In March 1999, I came back to Kaiserslautern. Since then I run the Altstadthotel as the owner.

Inhaber Stefan Wichlidal

Stefan Wichlidal

Altstadthotel Kaiserslautern
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